The Status of French Language and Its Impact on professional Communication Teaching in Uttar Pradesh

The purpose of this study is to examine the status of French language in UttarPradesh in what extent it is being flourished and what is scope of learning foreign language French that will cover not only present scenario of teaching French at school, college and university level but also decipher the things at learner’s place and teacher’s place during teaching-learning a foreign language. It also covers pedagogy of foreign language. Learning one foreign language is a compulsory and value added subject of professional courses. The objective of this course is to enhance the communication skills of students at every level. But, practically the teaching of foreign language has taken the place of a theoretical aspect. An attempt is being made to study the teaching-learning ambience of French to find out its impact on the teaching of professional communication.

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Keywords: Pedagogy, French, Learners’attitude, Competence, professional communication.

ISSN: 2321-7065


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