Investigation of The Relationships Between Lifelong Learning And Social Emotional Learning

The current research aims to investigate the relationship between lifelong learning and social emotional learning. Study group consists of 590 university students (390 females, 200 males) studying in different undergraduate programs in University of Sakarya, Faculty of Education in the Fall Term of 2015.In this research, relationships between the variables of lifelong learning and social emotional learning were investigated. Pearson Product Moment Correlation, Partial Correlation methods were utilized so as to investigate these relationships. As consequence of the research, lifelong learning and social emotional learning scores were correlating significantly. According to these results, it can be discussed that social emotional learning which can be explained as the behavioral reflection of social and emotional skills in a systematical and consistent way, has a positive relationship with lifelong learning which can be defined as all kinds of learning including formal or informal through one's life. Results are discussed within the context of the associated literature.

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Keywords: Lifelong Learning, Social Emotional Learning, Demographic Variables

ISSN: 2458-9322



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