Parental Academic Support in Education

The purpose of this study is to analyze the validity and reliability of the Turkish version of Parental Academic Support Scale (PASS), (Thompson & Mazer, 2012) and to review the research evidences related to consensus the relationship between parental involvement and children’s school performance. Also, the research will increase teachers’ understanding of the relationship between family participation and school succsess. Participants of this study were 200 family from Düzce and Sakarya. 16 items survey was given to parents of the students. The results of confirmatory factor analysis described that the 16 items loaded five factors and the five-dimensional model was well fit (x²=252.98, df=95, RMSEA=.91, NFI=.95, NNFI=.96,CFI=.97,IFI=.97). Overall findings demonstrated that this scale is a valid and reliable instrument for measuring parental academic support in education. The outcome of this study support the idea that parents and educators believe parental involvement plays a significant role in children’s education life

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Keywords: Parental involvement, Academic Support, Adaptation, Validity, Reliability

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