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SDES-International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

SDES-International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research published by shree dadu educational society under Rajasthan society act. Journal medium is both English…

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Sosyal Mucit Academic Review

Sosyal Mucit Academic Review is a double-blind peer review international refereed journal published twice in a year (June and December).…

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SYIN & SERN Law Review

Syin & Sern Law Review is a student-run organization whose primary purpose is to publish a journal of legal scholarship.…

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Student scientific journal "2 de Diciembre"

The student scientific journal "2 de Diciembre" edited at the Provincial Information Center of Medical Sciences, is named due to…

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Selangor Humaniora Review

Selangor Humaniora Review (SHARE) is a peer reviewed international online journal published by Universiti Selangor (UNISEL). The aim of the…

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Sapienza Organizacional

Revista Sapienza Organizacional perteneciente al Grupo de Investigación en Legislación Organizacional y Gerencia (GILOG) de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas…

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“Urdu Research Journal” (Shnakhat) is an open-access, peer reviewed refereed journal published quarterly from 2018. The Journal strives to publish…

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Semiconductor Science and Information Devices

Semiconductor Science and Information Devices is an international peer-reviewed journal operating under the open-access model. As a critical component of…

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Syi'ar: Journal of Islamic Communication, Counseling and Community Guidance

Syi’ar: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi, Penyuluhan dan Bimbingan Masyarakat Islam published twice a year (June and December). Syi’ar: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi,…

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Scientific Bulletin. Ethnography, Natural Sciences and Museology

The journal is published twice a year. One volume is dedicated to Ethnography and Museology, the second one - to…

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