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Volksgeist: Journal of Law and Constitution

Volksgeist have a focus in publishing the research, and conceptual ideas which specific in the sector of Law science. [p-ISSN:…

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Vibroengineering Procedia

Vibroengineering Procedia publishes as short Conference papers presented at VIBROENGINEERING Conferences. Every consecutive Volume of Vibroengineering Procedia is dedicated to…

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Variance : Journal of Statistics and Its Aplication

VARIANCE: Journal of Statistics and Its Applications is an open-access journal for the scientific publication media, which published two times…

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VISION: Journal of Indian Taxation

Examines and analyses policy and laws relating to business and taxation in India. It aims to explore issues related to…

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VANOS Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education

VANOS Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education is a periodical scientific journal that publishes research results in the field of Mechanical…

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Van Health Sciences Journal

Van Health Sciences Journal is peer-reviewed, scientific and academic journal that publishes original articles, reviews, case reports and editorial letters…

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Veri Bilimi

Merhaba, İçinde bulunduğumuz bilgi çağında, veri tüm akıllı sistemlerin temelini oluştumaktadır. Tarım toplumundan sanayi toplumuna, oradan bilgi toplumuna doğru seyreden…

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Visio Dei; Christian Theology Journal

Visio Dei is a scientific journal that focuses on the publication of research results that are beneficial to the progress…

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Van Journal of Divinity

Van İlahiyat Dergisi – Van Journal of Divinity, founded in 1994, aims to publish scientific research such as papers, book…

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Virtual Classroom

La revista de investigación científica Aula Virtual identificada con el ISSN: 2665-0398 y le Depósito legal: LA2020000026, es una publicación…

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