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Infinitely many homoclinic orbits for a class of discrete Hamiltonian systems

In the present paper, we deal with the existence of infinitely many homoclinic solutions for the second-order self-adjoint discrete Hamiltonian…

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Delay-dependent optimal guaranteed cost control of stochastic neural networks with interval nondifferentiable time-varying delays

This paper studies the problem of guaranteed cost control for a class of stochastic delayed neural networks. The time delay…

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On the Smarandache-Pascal derived sequences and some of their conjectures

For any sequence $\{b_n\}$, the Smarandache-Pascal derived sequence $\{T_n\}$ of $\{b_n\}$ is defined as $\ T_1=b_1$, $T_2=b_1+b_2$, $T_3=b_1+2b_2+b_3$, generally, $T_{n+1}=\displaystyle…

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On nonlinear discrete weakly singular inequalities and applications to Volterra-type difference equations

Some nonlinear discrete weakly singular integral inequalities which generalize some known results are discussed. Under suitable parameters, priori bounds on…

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Existence of multiple positive solutions for $p$-Laplacian multipoint boundary value problems on time scales

In this paper, we consider $p$-Laplacian multipoint boundary value problems on time scales. By using a generalization of the Leggett…

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Factorization of the linear differential operator

The paper deals with the problem of factorization of a linear differential operator with matrix valued coefficients into a product…

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Determinants of the Lapacians on the $n$-dimensional unit sphere $\textbf{S}^n$

During the last three decades, the problem of evaluation of the determinants of the Laplacians on Riemann manifolds has received…

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Production of 2,3-butanediol from cellulose and Jatropha hulls after ionic liquid pretreatment and dilute-acid hydrolysis

Abundant Jatropha waste is a promising renewable feedstock for the production of sugars and 2,3-butanediol fermentation. To obtain high yield…

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Cellulolytic potential of thermophilic species from four fungal orders

Elucidation of fungal biomass degradation is important for understanding the turnover of biological materials in nature and has important implications…

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Changes and recovery of soil bacterial communities influenced by biological soil disinfestation as compared with chloropicrin-treatment

Soil bacterial composition, as influenced by biological soil disinfestation (BSD) associated with biomass incorporation was investigated to observe the effects…

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