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Selected Issues of E-Democracy and Political E-Participation

The development of information technology and the development of a network society have encouraged a rise of e-democracy. It can…

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Canada – USSR Hockey Exchanges. Between Positive and Negative Sports Diplomacy

The aim of the article is to investigate the issue of hockey diplomacy between Canada and the Soviet Union, which…

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Destroying the National-Spiritual Values of Ukrainians during the Anti-Religious Offensive of the Soviet Totalitarian State in the 1960s and 1970s

The article deals with the church and religious life of Ukrainians in the context of national and political processes during…

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Social Politics of Civil Society

This paper presents a cross-cultural overview of the features of the dynamics of the perception of the concepts of “society”,…

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The Concept of the Aesthetical Representation of the Political Space

The entity of the aesthetical representation of politics is studied basing on three ontological sources and three methodological views on…

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Forms of Government and Typology of Political Regimes in Ukrainian Socialist-Oriented Political Theory of Western Ukraine in the Interwar Period of the 20th Century

Persuasion of theorists of Ukrainian political opinion of Western Ukraine, publications and position papers of socialistic aspiration parties for the…

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Workshop de agricultura digital e monitoramento agrícola por satélite – Uma contribuição da união entre ensino, extensão e pesquisa

Information from remote sensing (SR), in the form of images or maps, and the reports or processes associated with its…

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