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Market Share and Dynamic Pricing: A Decision Tree Approach

In this paper, various attributes of mobile operator in India in UP (E) circle such as call rates, tariffs etc.…

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Life Satisfaction of Korean Elderly Parents According to Offspring Gender: A Kangwha Cohort Study

Background: The aging population trend is increasing globally and raises social concerns regarding life satisfaction of elderly people. Offspring are…

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The Theme of Growing up and Identity Crisis in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, a classic of children literature, is often regarded as psychological and philosophical metaphors and as literary parody.…

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Acute Toxicity of Methanol Extract of Picalima nitida in Swiss Albino Rats

The acute toxicity of root methanol extract of Picalima nitida was studied in Swiss albino rats. The rats were randomly…

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Male Breast Cancer: An 8-year experience in a single tertiary oncology centre in India

Background and Objectives: Male breast cancer is a rare disease with a paucity of published literature on this topic. The…

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Investigating the Effectiveness of Construction Practices in Delayed Residential Projects in Gadhinglaj City through Time and Cost Perspective

Construction schedule delays could also be explained by means of the late completion of construction add comparison of designed schedule…

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Working Capital Management and Firm Profitability: Evidence From Pakistan

The purpose of this study is to investigate that how working capital is affecting Firm Profitability of non-financial firms in…

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Proteomic Analysis of Human Neuronal Cells Treated with the Gulf War Agent Pyridostigmine Bromide

Gulf War Illness (GWI) is characterized by a wide array of symptomology, which is possibly linked to the prophylactic treatment…

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Scaling of the Reasons for Research Assistants’ Career Decision-Making through Pair-wise Comparison Method

The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors that affect research assistants’ career decision-making processes through a scaling…

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Knowledge Access using DL Platform: A TERI Research Library Case Study

It is a constant endeavour of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)—Library and InformationCentre (LIC) to cater best information services…

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