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Smart Helmet Alcohol Detection and Sleep Alert

In daily aspects of our life safety and security are the two major concerns. Nowadays the scenario that we come…

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Place, Personnel and Recollection Three Modalities on Antenatal and Newborn Care Messages for Recently Delivered Women in Uttar Pradesh, India

The involvement of CHWs in the state of UP has a long history since the 70s and currently it is…

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Electronic Theses &Dissertations in Indian University Libraries and National Level Repository: Positions and Challenges.

Indian universities play a vital role in generation and dissemination of knowledge by conductingresearch works and producing theses & dissertationsthat…

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The theoretical bases of innovation development strategy in the movement of innovative processes intensification

The essence of innovation economic development strategy was defined in accordance with generalization of existing theoretical approaches and innovation activity…

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Novel Idea to Reduce Industrial Pollution By Monitoring and Controlling System Using Zigbee

This paper deals with the automated analyzing and retarding of the toxic industrial air contaminants let out by huge chimneys…

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Renal Transplantation from Donation After Circulatory Death Donors: Evolution of Strategies

Donation after circulatory death (DCD) donors are admitted in the intensive care units, who either do not fulfil the brain-stem…

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The balanced business portfolio evaluation procedure at industrial enterprises

The aim of the article. The aim of the article is to identify marketing aspects of balanced business portfolio evaluation;…

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FBIH financial market segmentation on the basis of image factors

The aim of the study is to recognize, single out and define market segments useful for future marketing strategies, using…

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Mycoviruses and their role in biological control of plant diseases

Mycoviruses are the viruses that infect fungi and prevalent in all major groups of plant pathogenic and edible fungi. The…

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Influence of demographic factors in work life balance of the nursing professionals

Work life balance is given more attention now a days. The impact on the quality of the work is notable,…

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