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Application for Maintaining Social Distancing During a Widespread Global Pandemic

During the global pandemic COVID 19, the only way to stop the community spread of the Corona Virus is Social…

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Innovations as Drivers of Performance in the Hospitality Industry A Study of Selected Hotels in Awka, Anambra State

This study examined innovations as drivers of performance in the hospitality industry A study of selected in Awka, Anambra State.…

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Measles – Immunization Status and Outcome

Background: To evaluate the immunization status, complications and clinical outcome in children admitted with measles. Methods : In this descriptive…

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Replantation of Avulsed Mature Permanent Teeth: Emergency Management. Report of Two Cases

Background: The dental avulsion due to a trauma is considered as an emergency. Permanent teeth are more lickely affected. The…

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Literary Research on Cancer Life Style Disorder and its Management

The primary goal of palliative cancer care is typically to relieve suffering and improve quality of life. Most approaches to…

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Impacto de las remesas familiares y el programa Prospera en jóvenes de nivel medio superior en Choix, Sinaloa, México

Objetivo: establecer el impacto de las remesas familiares provenientes de Estados Unidos y del programa asistencial “Prospera”, para la población…

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Optimization Of Turning Parameters For Surface Roughness In CNC Turning

In this study, the effect and optimization of cutting parameters on surface roughness in a CNC turning operation was investigated…

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Composting Of Sewage Sludge Based On Different C/N Ratios

Sewage sludge is an unavoidable by-product of wastewater treatment processes; its disposal is generally costly or easy to contaminate the…

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Impact of Level of Sex Appeal in Print Advertising on Brand Recall- A Study with Reference to Selected Products

Advertising is a powerful tool in the hands of corporate entities to accomplish the business objectives viz., sales volume, market…

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