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The Study of Teeth eruption in Female Children of Malwa Region – A Correlation with age

Background: Tooth eruption is a physiological process in which the tooth migrates from the maxillary bone towards the oral cavity,…

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Chemical composition of indoor ash residues

The ash content formed after burning of materials in indoor may be harmful to environment on dumping due to high…

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Knowledge and Practice on Partograph

Introduction: E. A. Friedman first described partograph in 1954. Partograph is the graphic statistical analysis of progress of labour in…

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Social Studies Teacher’s Perception in the Use of Educational Websites in Online Teaching in the Philippines: A Systematic Literature Review

The pandemic has challenged the educational system to alter the delivery of instruction from the traditional face-to-face into distant learning,…

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The Prison’s of Poverty, Untouchability and Dalit Patriarchy in Baby Kamble’s: The Prisons We Broke- A passage to Assertion from Subjugation

In the coercive suffocation and political instability of the 1960s when Little Magazines and Dalit Panthers (1972)began torebel against the…

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N-Acetyl Cysteine, Chromium Picolinate: Adjuvant to Clomiphene Therapy of PCOS

Aim of the work The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy and safety of clomiphene citrate (CC)…

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Children and Legal Literacy

Functioning of democracy is replenished by the awareness of the people. Legal awareness is equally important as socio cultural awareness.…

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Energy as a Natural Resource

Energy intensity of different economies The graph shows the ratio between energy usage and GNP for selected countries. GNP is…

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To find out suitable post-emergence herbicide for weed control in soybean under Marathwada region

An investigation was undertaken to find out suitable post emergence herbicides for weed control in soybean under Marathwada region at…

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Energy Trade Problems Analysis of the European Union-Russia

Purpose is to analyze energy trade between European Union (EU) countries and Russia with emphasis on the EU energy security…

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