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The Great Escape From India’s Malnutrition Enigma Among High Risk Tribal of Melghat (India)

Objective of study: To identify the predictors of maternal, child and household sanitation – environmental for status of well-nourished child…

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Buying Practices and Consumer Rights Awareness Amongst Management Students

It is often remarked that the consumer is the king. However, in facts, both public as well as private sector…

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A Study on Mosquito Density and Trend of Larval Indices from a Hospital Campus of Rural Area, Thrissur District Kerala.

Introduction: Dengue is one of the most important arboviral disease in Kerala. Development of the control measures mainly depends upon…

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Análisis de la diversidad de aves en la Reserva Ecológica Antisana como recurso turístico para la propuesta de rutas de Aviturismo

La presente investigación se llevó a cabo en la Reserva Ecológica Antisana, con el propósito de estimular el progreso del…

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The Behavior of Education Industry People Regarding their Investment Preferences: An Analytical Study

This paper presents an analysis of the views of people of the Education industry regarding their preferences while making an…

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Community Language Learning Method: Enhancing Secondary School Students’ English Vocabulary at Smp Negeri 4 Kota Ternate

Vocabulary is a fundamental unit in learning a language. Vocabulary drives us in learning and understanding English skills (reading, listening,…

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Some relationships between different types of spectrums of multiplicational modules and with spectral spaces(in Ukrainian)

In this paper we introduce and study the left spectrum and the torsion-theoretic spectrum of modules and establish some connections…

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A agrifood analysis: the case of the quilombolas farmers sustainable development Reserve Quilombos Barra do Turvo-SP

The Ribeira Valley has the largest Atlantic Forest area of São Paulo State under the Protected Areas system and about…

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Design and Implementation of a Efficient Router using X Y Algorithm

The engineering for on chip network configuration utilizing dynamic reconfiguration is an answer for Communication Interfaces, Chip cost, Quality of…

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An Experimental Study on Stabilisation of Loose Soil by Using Sisal Fiber

Soil Properties which creates a crucial impact on construction activities due to the rapid growth of urbanization and industrialization. Especially…

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