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International Journal of Computer and Information System (IJCIS)

International Journal of Computer and Information System (IJCIS) is a peer-reviewed, open access international scientific journal dedicated for rapid publication…

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Journal "BULLETIN SOCIAL-ECONOMIC AND HUMANITARIAN RESEARCH" publishes articles about the relationship between different state institutions and society. The editorial Board…

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Journal of Tropical Animal and Veterinary Science

Jurnal Ilmu Peternakan dan Veteriner Tropis - JIPVET (Journal of Tropical Animal and Veterinary Sciences) is a scientific publication in…

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Journal of Historical Researches

The content of the articles of this journal focus on Iran and Islam from ancient to contemporary era. The purposes…

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Surveys in Approximation Theory

Surveys in Approximation Theory

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Revista Derecho del Estado

Revista Derecho del Estado

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Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri (JOSI)

Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri (JOSI) adalah publikasi ilmiah berkala yang diterbitkan pertama kali pada Tahun 2001. Pengelola JOSI adalah Jurusan…

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Gumanitarnyi Vektor. Seriya Pedagogika, Psihologiya. Humanitarian Vector. Series Pedagogy, Psychology

The journal is a collection of original and review scientific papers on pedagogy and psychology. In the center of researchers’…

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Advances in Inequalities and Applications

Advances in Inequalities and Applications (AIA) is a peer-reviewed open access international journal, which is aimed to provide a publication…

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View : Journal of European Television History and Culture

Journal of European Television History and Culture is the first peer-reviewed, multi-media and open access e-journal in the field of…

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