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The „Economy and Sociology” was founded in 1953. The Journal is recognized as a scientific publication in the field, having been accredited with the „B+” category by Decision No. 8 of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research on June 26, 2020. “Economy and Sociology” is a high-level scientific platform that discusses the most current economic and social issues at regional and national level. Over the years, the Journal has proven to be an academic publication that announces the results of original scientific research with added value to the development of economic and sociological science. By involving a large research community in an innovative open peer review process, the Journal aims to provide fast access to quality research papers. Vision Statement: The Journal aims to achieve Scopus indexing and inclusion in other similar international databases, while also aspiring to a future direction – the Journal intending to become a high-quality publication — with continuously improved prestige and reputation in the Republic of Moldova and Europe, attracting foreign authors with international recognition and expertise in the field of economics and sociology. The strategic objectives of the Journal: development of research theory and methodology in the economic and social fields disseminating answers and solutions to the most urgent problems facing national economies and those in the Eastern European region strengthening the analytical-informational base for the decision-making process, the contribution to the improvement of economic and social policies integration of investigations by local researchers in the international circuit and integration of the latest researches at regional level in the national context. The main topics of the publications: macro and micro economic research regional economy, comparative regional studies economic competitiveness and sustainable development circular economy monetary and financial policies entrepreneurship and business development agri-food economy labour market standard of living, quality of life and social policy social structure, institutions and social processes population sociology and demography Types of published articles: articles/studies/sociological surveys and scientific book reviews, scientific reports discussed at national and international conferences. Authors: experienced researchers –habilitated doctors and doctors, PhD students The Journal is addressed to the academic and university environment, to the decision makers..


  • 1857-4130/2587-3172
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Semiannual
  • Moldova


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2020-21 0.34
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2018 -


ECONOMY AND SOCIOLOGY. Theoretical and scientifical journal, 1857-4130/2587-3172, started opeartions from Moldova in year 2020, publish paper in Multidisciplinary Semiannual.

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