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The "Academy of National Security Science Journal" (ANSSJ) is a semi-annual publication of national interest, being unique to the field of National Security Science. The journal currently operates under the authority of the Academy of National Security Sciences (ANSS). The purpose of ANSSJ is to disseminate the results of the theoretical and practical research undertaken by experts in the field of National Security Science. The emphasis is on interdisciplinary studies, now that the global security environment is complex, uncertain, volatile, ambiguous and therefore requires the use of a set of reasoning tools that can not be confined to a single area of interest. As a result, the three areas covered by articles published in the ANSS Journal are: Military Sciences; Public Order; National information and security..


  • 2537-1363/-
  • Law
  • Semiannual
  • Romania


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 0.6
2018 -


Academy of National Security Science Journal (ANSSJ), 2537-1363/-, started opeartions from Romania in year 2016, publish paper in Law Semiannual.

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