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Advanced Emergency Medicine is an international, Open Access, peer reviewed journal, which publishes information relevant to the practice, educational advancements, and investigation of emergency medicine. The journal aims to advance the science, education, and clinical practice of emergency medicine, to serve as a voice for the academic emergency medicine community, and help physicians and medical personnel improve patient care by providing the opportunity to access and learn about the most current research in emergency medicine. AEM contains research papers and clinical studies as well as articles focusing on the training of emergency physicians and on the practice of emergency medicine..


  • -/2315-456X
  • Medicine (General)
  • Semiannual
  • Singapore


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2020-21 0.41
2018 -


Advanced Emergency Medicine, -/2315-456X, started opeartions from Singapore in year 2012, publish paper in Medicine (General) Semiannual.

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