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Advances in Mathematical Sciences is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under Knowvel. The journal publishes innovative theoretical, empirical papers, reviews and professional papers in all areas of mathematics. Works conducted by the academia and the industry are equally inspired and accepted over a wide range of disciplines. The published articles are expected to advance the knowledge of mathematics and make a significant contribution to research. Advances in Mathematical Sciences is a multidisciplinary journal which is devoted to the publication of original research including, but not limited to: Pure and Applied Mathematics Discrete Mathematics Computer Mathematics Business Mathematics Mathematical Physics Theoretical Mechanics Probability and Mathematical Statistics Algebra Calculus Geometry Topology Numerical Analysis Dynamical Systems Differential Equations Probability and Statistics Game Theory Other closely related fields.


  • 2664-598X/2664-598X
  • Mathematics
  • Irregular
  • United Arab Emirates


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 0.22
2018 -


Advances in Mathematical Sciences, 2664-598X/2664-598X, started opeartions from United Arab Emirates in year 2019, publish paper in Mathematics Irregular.

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