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Afak For Sciences Journal (A.S.J) is a double blind international peer-reviewed, Trimestrial, free scientific journal, Open-access journal, published by Djelfa University, Algeria. The journal publishes original scientific research paper and Electronic, in three languages: Arabic, English and French, in human and social sciences plus economic studies. (A.S.J) is open for academic world and research institutes, academic and non-academic researchers and research team. Our goal is to provide original, relevant, and timely informations from diverse sources ; to write and published with absolute integrity ; and to serve as effectively as possible the needs of those involved in all human and social sciences plus economic areas. If your research will help us achieve these goals, we would like to bear from you. (A.S.J) provide immediate open access to its content on the principle that making the research freely avaible to the public supporting a greater global exchange of knowledge..


  • 2507-7228/2602-5345
  • Social Sciences
  • Quarterly
  • Algeria


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 0.66
2018 -


Afak for Sciences, 2507-7228/2602-5345, started opeartions from Algeria in year 2016, publish paper in Social Sciences Quarterly.

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