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Apertura is a periodic publication of scientific research and dissemination, specialized in educational innovation in virtual environments. Publishes original, unpublished and current research papers in Spanish, English, and Portuguese; all these are double-blind peer-reviewed. The journal is aimed at the scientific community in the area of educational innovation in virtual environments, and to all the public interested in the subject. The purpose of Apertura is to promote scientific communication and academic debate in the fields of virtual education, online, distance, and unconventional educational modalities; so it distributes educational research results, narratives of argumentative experiences in educational innovation and articles that promote the debate on topics on the field of education in virtual learning environments. The editorial line of Apertura is: 1) Learning management in virtual environments 2) Knowledge and cultural management in virtual learning environments 3) Management of virtual education systems 4) Educational innovation through the use of information and communication technologies.


  • 1665–6180/2007–1094
  • Education
  • Semiannual
  • Mexico


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2020-21 1.22
2019 -NA-
2018 -


Apertura, 1665–6180/2007–1094, started opeartions from Mexico in year 2009, publish paper in Education Semiannual.

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