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Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) is a refereed, double blind peer reviewed in which both authors and referees are anonymous, and open-access e-journal for scholars, researchers, teachers, and officials of the English language in and beyond the Arab World in the 21stCentury. Submissions are invited by those either teaching and learning in the Arab World, and also by those who have written papers about language education which are of either direct or indirect relevance to those teaching and learning in the Arab World. AWEJ is a nonprofit Journal whose goal is to promote the learning and teaching of English in the Arab World. AWEJ will publish papers either directly related to this focus or .


  • -/2229-9327
  • Linguistics
  • Quarterly
  • United States


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 1.62
2019 0.8
2018 -


Arab World English Journal , -/2229-9327, started opeartions from United States in year 2010, publish paper in Linguistics Quarterly.

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