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ABOUT Argum. razón téc.

Argumentos de Razón Técnica is a scientific research journal, arbitrated double blind, bilingual (Spanish-English), dedicated to specialized studies in the relationship between scientific-technical knowledge and society (CTS studies). Its main objective is to integrate research perspectives on epistemological, historical and ethical problems, as well as on the socio-political, socio-economic and socio-cultural dimensions of scientific and technological research. It is intended, therefore, to promote the study and reflection on one of the fundamental axes of contemporary culture and society through the convergence of the "culture of the humanities" with the "techno-scientific culture"..


  • 1139-3327/2253-8151
  • Philosophy
  • Annual
  • Span


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2020-21 0.67
2018 -


Argumentos de Razón Técnica. Revista española de Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad, y Filosofía de la Tecnología, 1139-3327/2253-8151, started opeartions from Span in year 1998, publish paper in Philosophy Annual.

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