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ABOUT Asian J. Org. Med. Chem.

Asian Journal of Organic & Medicinal Chemistry includes communications, full papers (articles), short papers, green chemistry, reviews, and perspectives. Specifically, these include synthesis, synthetic methods and regents, mechanism of reactions, biologically active compounds with their possible mechanism of action, natural products, in vitro and in vivo tests of compounds, computational chemistry, physical-analytical-inorganic chemistry, nanotechnology, drug carriers, proteomics and genomics. Rapid synthesis of new compounds following eco-friendly methods and their functions as medicinally active agents is certainly the central part of chemical and medicinal research in modern times. On th.


  • -/2456-8937
  • Biochemistry
  • Quarterly
  • India


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 1.08
2018 -


Asian Journal of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, -/2456-8937, started opeartions from India in year 2016, publish paper in Biochemistry Quarterly.

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