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British Journal of Arts and Humanities (BJAH) is an international open-access academic journal that publishes original research articles, reviews, and short communications at the forefront of humanities and social sciences. This journal is apprehensive equally with the synchronic and the diachronic outlooks of language studies and publishes research papers, case studies of the good quality which create a substantial benefaction to our understanding of the structure, function, and development of language and which are confirmed by knowledge and recognition of linguistic theory. It includes both theoretical and applied topics in language studies, and language teaching, and all areas of arts and humanities. The BJAH is committed to publishing investigations on new, original, and untested ideas, and disseminating study findings that make real and important contributions to different fields of education, culture, and society. The BJAH provides rapid publication of articles in all areas of arts and humanities. All of the articles published will be open access; peer-reviewed. Authors are inspired to submit unpublished and original good research papers, which are not under proceed in any other journals. The articles are published in the online version. The online versions of the articles are free to access and download. The aim and objectives of this journal are to promote the work of young talented and energetic researchers in the arts and humanities, cultural and social sciences, law, economics, and education, geography, and the dialogue of sciences..


  • 2663-7774/2663-7782
  • Arts in general
  • Bimonthly
  • Bangladesh


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 0.29
2019 -NA-
2018 -


British Journal of Arts and Humanities, 2663-7774/2663-7782, started opeartions from Bangladesh in year 2019, publish paper in Arts in general Bimonthly.

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