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ABOUT Bulletin of Postgraduate education (Series «Social and behavioral sciences»)

The collection covers current problems of modern psychological science and practice, in particular, special attention is paid to the issues of psychological peculiarities of postgraduate education. The results of research of psychological aspects of the formation and development of personality in various spheres of life, including in the educational process, are presented. For researchers in the field of psychology, scientific and pedagogical and pedagogical workers, practical psychologists and psychologists..


  • 2522-9931/-
  • Social Sciences
  • Quarterly
  • Ukraine


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 1.29
2018 -


Bulletin of Postgraduate education: collection of scientific papers (Series «Social and behavioral sciences»), 2522-9931/-, started opeartions from Ukraine in year 2005, publish paper in Social Sciences Quarterly.

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