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Dharmawangsa International Journal of The Social Sciences, Education and Humanities is a journal published by the Research Institute of Dharawangsa University, Medan. This journal is published periodically three times a year, namely in March, August and November. Articles published in this journal are articles that examine the fields of social science, law, economics, sociology, education, and Humanities. both in the form of conceptual, research findings, books and biographies of figures. The languages used in this journal are English and Arabic. Without reducing scientific weight, this journal accepts written contributions that have never been published in other print media. All articles that enter will go through a peer-review process after fulfilling the requirements according to scientific article writing guidelines.


  • 2716-5132/2723-0783
  • Social Sciences
  • Quarterly
  • Indonesia


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 0.81
2018 -


Dharmawangsa: International Journal of the Social Sciences, Education and Humanitis, 2716-5132/2723-0783, started opeartions from Indonesia in year 2020, publish paper in Social Sciences Quarterly.

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