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The scientific-theoretical journal ”Economy and Sociology” is published by the National Institute for Economic Research in cooperation with the Institute for Legal, Political and Sociological Research of the Republic of Moldova. The journal was founded in 1953 by Sociology Department of the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of the Moldovan Socialist Republic, and from 2006 was taken by National Institute for Economic Research of ASM. The „Economy and Sociology” journal is a high-level scientific platform, which debate the most current issues from economic and social fields. During the years of its existence, the journal was an academic publication, which publish the results of original scientific researches and add a value to the development of economic and sociological science. The journal addresses to researchers, professors, PhDs students, as well as those interested by the journal topic. The objectives of the journal: development of theory and methodology in economic and social fields; consolidating economic and sociological research by publishing the results of the original scientific research; elucidation of key issues of economic and social development at global and national level; expanding and integrating the scientific community in the economic and social fields; developing a scientific publication that respects high international requirements. We invite professional researchers and practitioners to publish articles devoted to the research of a wide range of issues in the areas of micro or macroeconomics, economic policy, econometrics, finance economics, business management and SME management, agri-food economy, labour market, quality of life and social policy, sociology, sociology of population and demography, etc. Accreditation. According to the Decision of Superior Commission of Attestation of NCAA, the „Economy and Sociology” journal is included, since 2009, in the „List of recommended journals to be recognized as scientific publications” at Category „B”. The final accreditation – Decision No. 158 from October 26, 2017, category „B”..


  • 1857-4130/2587-3172
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Semiannual
  • Moldova


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Economy and sociology, 1857-4130/2587-3172 , started opeartions from Moldova in year 2018, publish paper in Multidisciplinary Semiannual.

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