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ABOUT Engineering and Scientific International Journal

Engineering and Scientific International Journal (ESIJ) is a peer- reviewed International Journal with High Impact factor and Citation report to disseminate original research results. ESIJ is also highly indexed, scholarly open access and fully refereed journal publishing from the family of IRDP Group of Journals. All accepted manuscripts are published in both online and print version. Manuscripts should follow the style of the journal and are subject to both review and editing. The prestigious interdisciplinary editorial board reflects the diversity of subjects covered in this Journal. The Journal brings out its quarterly issues from the month of October – December 2014 onwards. All the submitted manuscripts will be initially reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief or Editorial Members for the suitability, presentation, quality and plagiarism of the article. Then the approved manuscripts are considered for a secondary review. The secondary review of the article is done through a double blinded peer review by the review committee, after the removal of author’s name and contact details to ensure an unbiased review process. Mission, Vision and Scope The overall mission of the Engineering and Scientific International Journal is to create and foster an international forum to focus extremely on theories, methods and applications to promote researches and related activities in a wide spectrum of engineering, science and technology. The vision of ESIJ is to avail new knowledge and technology for the benefit of all, ranging from academic research, professional communities to industry professionals. It also provides an interdisciplinary platform for high-caliber researchers and scholars to present ongoing research and development. The scope of the Journal is to serve a diverse readership by publishing articles in a range of topics such as engineering, science and mathematics such as environmental science, pure and applied mathematics, agricultural research and engineering, mechanical, civil, electronics, biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, Healthcare sciences (including clinical medicine, preventive medicine & public health), physics, biophysics, computer science, chemistry, bioengineering and related applications..


  • 2394 – 7179/2394 – 7187
  • Computer Science
  • Quarterly
  • India


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 0.65
2018 -


Engineering and Scientific International Journal, 2394 – 7179/2394 – 7187, started opeartions from India in year 2014, publish paper in Computer Science Quarterly.

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