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Eurasian Journal of Applied Linguistics (EJAL) is a professional, double blind peer-reviewed international journal devoted to promoting dissemination of scholarly knowledge and exchange of academic research and professional findings on all aspects of second or foreign language (L2) learning and teaching. Due attention is paid to the teaching and learning of all languages as a second/foreign language. To this end, EJAL publishes theoretical and empirical studies in the form of original research, research reviews, case studies, conceptual frameworks, and innovative educational and social ideas with both regional and global perspectives. EJAL has a clear preference for manuscripts with strong t.


  • ISSN 2149­-1135/ISSN 2149­-1135
  • Education
  • Semiannual
  • Turkey


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 1.69
2019 0.87
2018 -


Eurasian Journal of Applied Linguistics, ISSN 2149­-1135/ISSN 2149­-1135, started opeartions from Turkey in year 2015, publish paper in Education Semiannual.

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