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Forum for Linguistic Studies (FLS) is an international, peer–reviewed journal; FLS welcomes submissions originating in general and applied linguistics as well as philosophy of language, specifically in the fields of phonology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, cognitive-functional linguistic topics, dialogic studies, language teaching and language policy. FLS caters to a comprehensive audience, ranging from language researchers, linguists, teachers, educationalists, practitioners and those with a general interest in language and linguistics. The journal aims to encourage the free exchange of information between researchers by being a forum for the constructive discussion and debate of issues in both theoretical and applied research. The journal welcomes all types of paper from traditional 'full' research articles, review articles and book reviews. Papers based on the findings of corpus or experiment-oriented researches are particularly welcomed..


  • 2705-0610/2705-0602
  • Linguistics
  • Semiannual
  • Singapore


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2020-21 0.49
2018 -


Forum for Linguistic Studies, 2705-0610/2705-0602, started opeartions from Singapore in year 2019, publish paper in Linguistics Semiannual.

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