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The scientific journal of publications "Globus" carries out publications in journals. International publications are becoming more and more in demand, because they allow you to directly communicate with the world scientific community, share your achievements and be one of the first to learn about new research. By providing the opportunity to publish articles quickly and with high quality, we help graduate students, applicants and doctoral students to provide the results of their research, open the way for young people, attract both novice scientists and professionals with rich practical experience in the applied field to the scientific environment and reduce barriers to entry into scientific research. community. The publication is intended for researchers, university teachers, graduate students, students and everyone who is interested in the achievements of modern national science. The basis of the policy of the scientific journal "Globus" is the principle of openness of the publication for authors and readers. It is obvious that living in a modern information society, a scientific electronic journal of publications should be guided by one criterion - the reader's interest. For this reason, our magazine does not hide its materials from the reader. Open access to the archive of any of the series of the magazine you can see in the "Archive of collections" Our collection is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific publication, which is published in both print and electronic form. Our collections are published in high-quality printing in A4 format, publications are assigned ISSN (2658-5197), DOI (10.31620 / 2658-5197), UDC and LBC codes, they are registered in the Russian Book Chamber and sent to the libraries of our country. Articles from the journal are exported to open scientific information repositories: Google Scholar, World Cat, Ulrich's Web, DOAJ, CrossRef, Index Copernicus, Cyberleninka, eLibrary, ResearchBib, SJIF factor. We also facilitate publication in international journals indexed in Scopus, Web of Science and Thomson Reuters. Objectives and scope: Publish high-quality scientific articles that meet international scientific standards Ensure the published articles are widely disseminated in the world scientific community Join the foreign system for the distribution and indexing of scientific papers, as well as enter the key foreign citation bases We will be glad to cooperate and exchange valuable experience..


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YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 1.45
2018 -


Globus, -/2658-5197, started opeartions from Russia in year 2015, publish paper in Multidisciplinary Monthly.

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