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IP Indian Journal of Anatomy and Surgery of Head, Neck and Brain is a quarterly indexed and peer-reviewed journal. IJASHNB is one of the most important journal in the field of medical sciences. Head, neck, and brain are the most critical parts of a body in terms of trauma and road traffic accidents which leads to loss of lives and creates disabilities too for surgical specialists. The surgical specialists dealing with this area are - trauma specialists, radiologists, surgeons of various sub-specialties like general surgeons, ENT surgeons, vascular surgeons, neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, and anesthesia specialists. Head, neck, and brain area presents many common and severe diseases like headache, strokes, fits and brain tumors and medical specialists dealing in this areas are physicians, neurologists, neurophysicians, radiologists and imaging specialists along with endocrinologists. There are disorders in the human being specially revealed and reflected in this area to name few are since birth like dysmorphism, congenital facial anomalies and facial defects like cleft lip/palate, along with disorders of neural tube defects affecting brain, skull, teeth, and jaws. The area of medical sciences that deals with disorders and conditions of the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) region and related areas of the head and neck are also included in this journal for better co-relation, coordination, and integration with the areas of neck involving the exocrine and endocrine glands like thyroid and parathyroids. The thyroid gland is commonly involved in various disorders along with parathyroids and makes this area an important medical and surgical entity. Doctors who specialize in this area are called Otorhinolaryngologist, otolaryngologists, ENT doctors, ENT surgeons, or head and neck surgeons. Patients seek treatment from an Otorhinolaryngologist for diseases of the ear, nose, or throat and for the management of cancers of the head and neck. We know the human brain is masterpiece of all our activities and so becomes a different subspecialty altogether and this needs special emphasis for neurophysicians, neurosurgeons, neurophysiologists, neuroanatomists, and oncosurgeons because of brain tumors. Also this journal will be having special areas in the head neck and brain imaging and radiology along with the radiotherapy, so the IP Indian Journal of Anatomy & Surgery of Head, Neck & Brain we will cater and will give a platform for all specialists and researchers in the field of ENT, Neurosciences like Neurosurgery/Neurology and Neurobiology along with experimental Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology to publish their research work in form of case reports, case series, case and control studies, population surveys, experimental physiology, anatomical variations and congenital defects with teratology. In addition, reports of clinically related basic studies in the fields of neuroanatomy, neurosurgery, neuropharmacology, head neck surgery and recent advances in embryology, neuropharmacology, neurochemistry, neuroendocrinology, electrophysiology, psychology, genetics, and brain imaging are published. Significant methodological advances such as instrumentation, clinical scales, and assays directly applicable to psychiatric research are also appropriate. Brief reviews, theoretical contributions, and letters to the editor will also be considered for the publications. Review articles and articles in above-mentioned fields regarding recent advances are also welcome in the IP Indian Journal of Anatomy and Surgery of Head, Neck and Brain. The spectrum of IP Indian Journal of Anatomy and Surgery of Head, Neck and Brain Head & Neck Surgery Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery ENT Neuroanatomy Neurophysiology Radiology Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy Surgical Oncology Facial Cosmetic Surgery Ear Spinal cord disorders Sleep disorders Ultrasonography Tumors of brain Reconstruction Maxillofacial Nose Congenital malformations Autonomic reflexes CT studies Oral cancers Endocrine Surgery Trauma Throat Brain stem lesions Memory disorders MRI Studies Thyroid cancers Radiotherapy Salivary gland disorders Skull base surgery Cerebellar & cerebral areas Apnea & Snoring Angiography Vascular Malformations Vascular surgery Implants Cochlear Implant/BAHA Ventricles and meninges Limbic system Radiography Salivary gland cancers .


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IP Indian Journal Of Anatomy And Surgery Of Head, Neck And Brain, 2581-5210/2581-5210, started opeartions from India in year 2015, publish paper in Medicine (General) Quarterly.

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