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Revista Iberoamericana de Ciencias de la Actividad FĂ­sica y el Deporte (Riccafd), is a periodical journal, with the aim to offer scientifically founded works, which help to deepen in the diverse dimensions of the Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport. Given the specialised nature of the journal, it does not include articles that are simply disseminated, nor those that limit themselves to presenting opinions rather than conclusions derived from contrasted research. Riccafd will only publish original works (and revisions) that have, in addition to the above conditions, the specific internal unit that characterizes the articles of scientific publication. Riccafd is a free-access online publication. We would like our readers to demand as much or more as what we are prepared to offer them; to be enthusiastic, faithful and committed to the values that can be transmitted through physical and sporting activities: the desire to overcome, to progress, to fulfil oneself and to enjoy the experiences that make use of one's free time. The demand for scientific rigour is endorsed both by the quality of the Scientific Committee and by the spirit of this publication: only rigour and perseverance in the search for mechanisms and formulas that can improve our excellence, as well as teaching us to explore our limits, can reflect our desire to contribute to knowledge while serving humanity..


  • 2255-0461/2255-0461
  • Education
  • Quarterly
  • Span


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2020-21 1.04
2019 -NA-
2018 -


Iberoamerican Journal of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, 2255-0461/2255-0461, started opeartions from Span in year 2012, publish paper in Education Quarterly.

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