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Insight - Civil Engineering is an academic journal of civil Engineering and engineering management, which is issued globally. Our mission is to publish original research papers in civil engineering, which can reflect the latest research trend and development direction of civil engineering and engineering management discipline. The journal also seeks to provide reference to civil engineering and engineering management in areas related to teaching, scientific research and engineering application. The journal mainly includes research papers on the following topics: building structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, disaster prevention and reduction engineering and protective engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, road and railway engineering, and engineering management. The journal is committed to the publication of the original new technology of engineering application. In particular, papers are required to be innovative, academic, scientific and concise..


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  • Multidisciplinary
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2020-21 0.29
2018 -


Insight-Civil Engineering, -/2630-4716, started opeartions from United States in year 2018, publish paper in Multidisciplinary Annual.

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