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Insight - Engineering and Technology will highlight new technologies, new processes, and new methods in the field of engineering, reflecting new achievements and progress in the fields of engineering, such as architecture, hydropower, petrochemical, and so on, enhancing the exchange of engineering and technology industries and the display of results, and promoting the development of international engineering technology and science and technology Main Section of the journal: Engineering Technology, Industrial Technology, Surveying and Mapping Technology, Material Science, Mining Engineering, Oil and Gas, Geological Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Science and Technology, Electronic Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Automation , computer engineering, textile technology, light industry, food science and technology, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, transportation engineering, aerospace, weapon science and technology, energy science and technology, environmental science and technology, security science and technology, engineering design, safety and quality, theory and practice, etc..


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  • Multidisciplinary
  • Annual
  • United States


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2020-21 0.1
2018 -


Insight-Engineering and Technology, -/2661-3050, started opeartions from United States in year 2018, publish paper in Multidisciplinary Annual.

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