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Insight-Statistics is a reference journal. The article will include references and figures. Creativity, quality and clarity will be the criteria for selecting published materials. The proliferation of literature and the long delay in publishing have made it difficult for researchers and practitioners to keep up with new developments outside their professional fields. The purpose of statistics and probability letters is to help alleviate this problem. Concise communication enables the reader to quickly and easily digest a large amount of information and to keep up with the latest developments in all areas of statistics. Key results and central ideas must be presented in a clear and concise manner. Theories and methods can be published either by omission or by mere sketches, but only if sufficient supporting material is provided to verify the results. Experiences and calculations with important values will be published. We also plan to publish applications and case studies to demonstrate innovative use of existing technologies, or interesting innovative ideas for data collection, modeling, or reasoning..


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  • Mathematics
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  • United States


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2020-21 0.1
2018 -


Insight-Statistics, -/2661-3115, started opeartions from United States in year 2018, publish paper in Mathematics Annual.

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