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International Journal of Management and Accounting (IJMA) is open access; peer-reviewed international journal provides a forum for sharing the timely and up-to-date publication of scientific research and review articles. The IJMA publishes original articles, review articles, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews. The main objective of IJMA is to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars and researchers. It is devoted to enhancing research outlets for the finance, management, banking, marketing, and accounting disciplines in the world. IJMA journal publishes full-length original and good research articles in all fields related to corporate governance, human resource management (HRM), strategic management, entrepreneurship, marketing, e-business, information technology management, production & operations management, financial management, decision analysis, management research approaches, and managerial economics, etc. IJMA aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in business and information science and become the leading journal in business and information science globally. The manuscripts in this journal are fully open access; and peer-reviewed to numerous users in different countries all over the world..


  • 2707-4633/2707-4641
  • Business and Management
  • Bimonthly
  • Bangladesh


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 0.24
2019 -NA-
2018 -


International Journal of Management and Accounting, 2707-4633/2707-4641, started opeartions from Bangladesh in year 2020, publish paper in Business and Management Bimonthly.

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