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International Journal of Social Sciences and Economic review (IJSSER) (Online ISSN:2706-9346) is a double-blind peer-reviewed quarterly journal that encourages the latest research on the social sciences, and Economic globally. The aims of the journal are to publish quality research and provide access to international libraries to promote the original content in the field of social sciences and economics. The journal adheres to the double-blind peer review process to maintain quality and originality. IJSSER is a non-profit, academic journal that accepts the high quality theoretical or empirical works throughout the world that contribute genuine knowledge and research in the fields of social sciences and economics. In the 21st century, overcoming such problems seems to be challenging for educators and practitioners..


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2020-21 0.13
2018 -


International Journal of social sciences and Economic Review, -/2706-9346, started opeartions from Pakistan in year 2019, publish paper in Social Sciences Quarterly.

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