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ABOUT CALL FOR PAPER PEER -Reviewed Refereed Journal JANAK: A Journal of Humanities (ISSN 2395-4078) is a peer-reviewed refereed journal of Humanities and Social Studies. It is published yearly. The main objective of the journal is to provide a publishin

Janak, A Journal of Humanities is a peer reviewed journal that pertains to certain core values of Humanities. The journal focuses on various social areas and also throws light on social sciences, artistic, communicative, & political dimensions together with historical & modern perspective, keeping in view the researchers' feasibility. This journal is interdisciplinary in nature and our aim is to encourage the researchers to publish and showcase their creative and innovative thoughts in black and white. We expect that researchers and their explorative skills will see the light of the day through our sincere yet humble attempt and the publication of their work will surely prove a milestone in the arena of humanities in the years to come..


  • 2395-4078/-
  • Social Sciences
  • Annual
  • India


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 1.29
2018 -


JANAK: A journal of humanities, 2395-4078/-, started opeartions from India in year 2015, publish paper in Social Sciences Annual.

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