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The Journal Sensi : Strategic of Education in Information System is a place for scientific publications in Soft Computing Research that focuses on Data Mining, Neural Networks, Swarm Intelligence, Decision Trees, Data Clustering, Data Classification, Rough Sets, Pattern Recognition, and Image Processing. Software Engineering Focusing on Software Requirements and Specifications, Software Design, Management Software, Software Testing, Formal Methods, Distributed Databases and Information Systems, the field of Artificial Intelligence research with research gathered on the discovery of information and knowledge (OLAP), questions and special reports, text mining, web mining, search engines, Decision Support and Intelligent Systems as well as Visualization and ICT research fields in general which are the results of research or article reviews. The Journal Sensi: Strategic of Education in Information System is published twice in publication, namely February and August. Online ISSN: 2655-5298 Print ISSN: 2461-1409.


  • 2461-1409/2655-5298
  • Computer Science
  • Semiannual
  • Indonesia


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2020-21 1.89
2018 -


Journal Sensi: Strategic of Education in Information System, 2461-1409/2655-5298, started opeartions from Indonesia in year 2015, publish paper in Computer Science Semiannual.

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