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ABOUT J Cancer Res Oncobiol

Cancer is generally referred to as a disease that involves abnormal growth of cells that have the potential to spread in different parts of the body. The disease may be curable if detected in early stages. It is most prevalent disease and researchers worldwide are striving hard to eradicate it. During the past few decades, cancer has become one of the most important causes of death. All nations in the world have invested considerable resources and manpower to control the spread of the disease. Journal of Cancer Research and Oncobiology is an open access, the peer-reviewed bimonthly journal launched to educate the general public and create awareness about the disease by publishing timely find.


  • ISSN 2517-7370/-
  • Biology
  • Bimonthly
  • United Kingdom


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 0.88
2019 0.11
2018 -


Journal of Cancer Research and Oncobiology , ISSN 2517-7370/-, started opeartions from United Kingdom in year 2017, publish paper in Biology Bimonthly.

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