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Journal of Education Culture and Society is a multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary Internet journal, which aims at promoting young scholar talents from the field of humanistic and social sciences, especially those functioning within the subfields of pedagogy, psychology, sociology, history of education, philosophy and economy. Articles relating thematically to education and teaching are preferred as the aim is to make educational issues a reason for a wider interdisciplinary scholarly discussion. Journal of Education Culture and Society is published in June and September. The journal was established to support young and talented students, PhD students and adjuncts who do not find place for.


  • 2081-1640/2081-1640
  • Education
  • Semiannual
  • Poland


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 2.01
2019 0.43
2018 -


Journal of Education Culture and Society, 2081-1640/2081-1640, started opeartions from Poland in year 2010, publish paper in Education Semiannual.

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