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ABOUT J. Pediat. Dis.

The journal Pediatrics disease (JPedD) is a peer review gold open access journal, focusing on the health and disease impact of infants, children and adolescents, and its diagnosis, treatment and prevention strategies. Pediatric specialty and a wide geographical area. We welcome the report of special effects on young patients with unknown conditions, and can significantly improve with the new (or improved) for the treatment of severe disease patient's quality of life. In addition, we also for pediatric medical communication and government policy interest. We aim to release the theme, including but not limited to: General pediatrics, pediatric infectious diseases, pediatric drug and drug development, pediatric allergy and autoimmune diseases, pediatric vaccination and health care policy, pediatric oncology, pediatric psychiatry and neurology, pediatric surgery..


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2020-21 0.4
2018 -


Journal of Pediatric Diseases, 0000-0000/2574-5603, started opeartions from United States in year 2017, publish paper in Medicine (General) Semiannual.

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