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Journal of Quantitative Methods (JQM) is a multidisciplinary bi-annual journal launched in 2017 by the Department of Quantitative Methods, School of Business and Economics (SBE), University of Management and Technology (UMT), Lahore, Pakistan. JQM provides new insights and fosters critical debate about the role of data analysis in business and economics. JQM is a double-blind peer-reviewed publication dedicated to the exchange of the latest academic research and practical information on all the aspects of quantitative methods in business and social sciences. The journal publishes original research papers, reviews and case studies by academicians and professionals. JQM provides a unique forum concerned with the quantitative aspect(s) of development including business analytics, data mining, data management, marketing, finance, human resource management, knowledge management, entrepreneurship, human development, socio-economic development and environmental sustainability. JQM seeks to help and furnish new evidence-based theories and understandings as it pertains to data science and its applications. It stresses the importance of appreciating the interplay of local and global contexts and dynamics in shaping and enhancing the role of quantitative methods in management decision making and socio-economic development..


  • 2522-2252/2522-2260
  • Social Sciences
  • Semiannual
  • Pakistan


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2020-21 0.33
2018 -


Journal of Quantitative Methods (JQM), 2522-2252/2522-2260, started opeartions from Pakistan in year 2017, publish paper in Social Sciences Semiannual.

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