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The Journal of Research in Higher Education (JRHE) is published by Babeș-Bolyai University and edited by the Centre for University Strategy and Quality Management (CUSQM), twice-yearly, in English (the authors may choose a second international language for the abstract of their article), online. JRHE is sent to libraries in Romania and abroad, as well as to international data bases. JRHE publishes studies concerning the field of higher education, as well as topics connected to policies and management in the academic field, alongside topics pertaining to history of higher education. Thus, JRHE hosts research, articles, debates and reviews examining various issues of higher education, with an emphasis on empirical research and on policies in the field, informing its readers of the latest progress in the field. Even though each higher education system has its unique characteristics (and this is valid at institutional level, as well), there are also a number of common issues and topics at international level. JRHE offers the opportunity to exchange results, practices and policies; moreover, it offers a platform for discussion, exchange of ideas and debate for the experts in the field at an international level. JRHE aims to constantly increase its visibility in the field, by publishing original research and by disseminating results of scientific research in the field of higher education in the academic world, thus becoming a valuable scientific resource. JRHE is an open access journal, published exclusively online. JRHE is published twice a year..


  • 2559–6624/2559–6624
  • Social Sciences
  • Semiannual
  • Romania


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2020-21 0.9
2018 -


Journal of Research in Higher Education, 2559–6624/2559–6624, started opeartions from Romania in year 2017, publish paper in Social Sciences Semiannual.

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