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The Journal of Studies and Research on Technological Teaching (EDUCITEC) is a scientific journal with free access that was designed and prepared by the Professional Master in Technological Teaching (MPET), from the Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of Amazonas (IFAM). The mission of Educitec Journal is to disseminate the academic-scientific production of professors/researchers and national and international research groups in the teaching field whose object is to: - contribute to the teaching-learning process in different areas, with a critical, reflective and innovative action for professional teaching activities, aiming to collaborate to the construction of knowledge and the realization of new pedagogical practices; - contribute to the promotion and generation of new knowledge. It aims to research theoretical and empirical problems at different levels of Basic and Higher Education, in formal and non-formal teaching spaces. It collaborates to the dissemination of science and practice applied to teaching, expansion of space for scientific production, focusing on topics related to technological education..


  • 2446-774X/2446-774X
  • Education
  • Annual
  • Brazil


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 1.24
2018 -


Journal of Studies and Research on Technological Teaching, 2446-774X/2446-774X, started opeartions from Brazil in year 2015, publish paper in Education Annual.

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