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Surgery is a very broad science which comprises several types of procedures. As the medical science is taking major strides, surgery is also not left behind. Researches are going on in full swing to make surgeries more effective. The spectrum of these researches is as broad as the science itself. Instruments, medicines and everything related to surgery is included in the research topics. As these researches are performed by different scholars in different parts of the world and there is a need to make the findings available to each other so that the research is performed at a faster pace. To achieve this, it is important that the scholars publish their articles, theses and manuscripts in journals which are open access so that more and more research scholars may benefit from it. Sci Forschen Journal of Surgery: Open access ( ISSN 2470-0991 ) encourages the scholars to publish their articles. The articles are peer reviewed and verified before being published so the authenticity of the content cannot be doubted..


  • 2470-0991/2470-0991
  • Medicine (General)
  • Bimonthly
  • United States


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2020-21 0.61
2018 -


Journal of Surgery: Open access, 2470-0991/2470-0991, started opeartions from United States in year 2015, publish paper in Medicine (General) Bimonthly.

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