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We need social sciences to analyse and critique what’s going on and make choices that shape the future. Social science is not just important for the future but for what’s happening now. Our vision is to promote debate, analysis, and critics among the social sciences intellectual scholars. Its particular focus is on understanding how social sciences are embedded in the new millennium, and how the social sciences may help the society to solve the new global problems. Such understanding requires a careful analysis of social context, and a fundamental role to do this is played from all actors and stakeholders: universities, research institutions, governments, media, civil society etc. The important point is that the relationships between social sciences and the dynamics that change our society today are in focus. The term “social sciences” includes relevant disciplines like economics, sociology, psychology, anthropology, communication studies, law, cultural studies, political studies, development studies and other related disciplines. The research data may come from experimental approaches, case studies, interviews, questionnaires, ethnographies, archives etc. Also articles of different kinds will be welcome: reports of empirical research, theoretically orientated analyses, literature reviews, etc. The journal expects that authors write clearly and accessibly for an international audience. No particular theories are favoured. .


  • 2030-9340/2030-2117
  • Social Sciences
  • Bimonthly
  • United Kingdom


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Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 2030-9340/2030-2117, started opeartions from United Kingdom in year 2010, publish paper in Social Sciences Bimonthly.

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