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Aim: The aim of the Proceedings of the TEX TEH 9 International Conference is to contribute to strengthen to relation between active layers of the textile industry, both national and international level, to disseminate the latest accomplishments of the specialists in this field and to establish new partnerships for future research projects. Furthermore, by publishing the results of the research projects developed on the international level, the opportunities for innovation products and technologies for textiles industry are created. The Proceedings of the TEX TEH 9 International Conference is an international peer-reviewed publication published by the National Research & Development Institute for Textiles and Leather – Bucharest, in print and online editions of the papers presented the International Conference TEX THE, organized each 2 years. Currently the publication is published in 1 issues /2 years, but the number and the quality of articles published - containing information about the textile field and the related fields - management, marketing, chemistry, leather – has increased from one year to another. All papers are published in English, accompanied by abstracts in English. Scope: Having a long tradition (over 10 years of existence), the Proceeding of the International Conference TEX THE is addressed to university and research specialists, to companies active in the textiles and clothing sector and to the related sectors users of textile products with a technical purpose. The main domains targeted by the publication are related to textile sector - raw materials, spinning, weaving, knitting, chemical technology, clothing and related fields: laboratory apparatus and equipment for mechanical and chemical processing, chemicals and auxiliaries, computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing, management and marketing systems etc..


  • 2068-9101, vol. 9/-
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Annual
  • Romania


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Proceedings International Conferecence TEXTEH 9, 2068-9101, vol. 9/-, started opeartions from Romania in year 2009, publish paper in Multidisciplinary Annual.

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