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Since its first issue in December 1956, the Brazilian Journal of Political Studies (RBEP) has revealed its vocation as the arena of scientific discussion that privileges ideas, doctrines, problems and institutes that are critically approached. The editorial line of the RBEP is of intense interdisciplinarity, opening the juridical knowledge for the humanistic, both in the classical dimension and in the social dimension, becoming space of publication and propagation of legal ideas, that dialogue with political, philosophical and social questions. The RBEP intends to provide space for reflections on power and the State, whether in its dynamic aspect - when the ideas of Political Thought st.


  • 0034-7191/2359-5736
  • Law
  • Semiannual
  • Brazil


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 1.74
2019 1.12
2018 -


Revista Brasileira de Estudos Políticos - RBEP, 0034-7191/2359-5736, started opeartions from Brazil in year 1956, publish paper in Law Semiannual.

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