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The Revista TransVersos de História, a four-monthly publication of the Laboratory for the Study of Social Differences and Inequalities (LEDDES / 2001), linked to the Department of History and the Graduate Program in History at the State University of Rio de Janeiro, reflects the ethical platform on which historical research on social intervention should be based. It favors reflections that respect differences without eliminating the right to equality. It takes as an editorial line the research lines of the Laboratory for the Study of Social Differences and Inequalities, Vulnerabilities, History Writings and Africas, from an interdisciplinary look incorporated into contemporary historical research, as well as respect for narratives that produce meaning organized by subjects non-academic, but that dialogue with the sense of organization and orientation of time..


  • 2179-7528/-
  • History
  • Quarterly
  • Brazil


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2020-21 1.46
2018 -


Transverse Magazine, 2179-7528/-, started opeartions from Brazil in year 2011, publish paper in History Quarterly.

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