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The Middle East maintains an important chapter in academic studies. It has a major share in Turkish Foreign Policy as well. With its new issue, the Turkish Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (TJMES) aims to better make sense of the region and its people. One of its primary objectives is to present analyses about the Middle Eastern affairs from a Turkish perspective by shedding light upon Turkey’s now a decade old activism in regional affairs. TJMES publishes academic studies that analyze political, economic and social dynamics and developments of the region. It prefers research written from multi-disciplinary perspectives and from a number of fields: political science, internationa.


  • 2147-7523/2630-5631
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Annual
  • Turkey


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 2.1
2019 1.4
2018 -


Turkish Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 2147-7523/2630-5631, started opeartions from Turkey in year 2014, publish paper in Multidisciplinary Annual.

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